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Gender Bender: Gender Play in Underwear Styles

Fashion is always the first in revolutionizing societal norms when it comes to gender. There was a time when pants were only reserved for men and dresses for women. While the latter is still catching on, it is becoming more and more common. Props to Billy Porter who rocked a dress/tux mashup at the Oscars this year. At Marco Marco, we have fun playing with all colors, textures, and designs for men, women, gender-queer, trans, or whoever wants to treat themselves to a beautiful pair of comfortable underwear.

Sequins Aren’t Just for Girls

When we design our underwear, we love creating fun, playful prints and textures. We don’t confine ourselves to gender constructs. Men should be allowed to wear whatever fabric suits them, and sometimes that happens to be shiny pink sequins. If you have never strutted around in a pink sequined thong, you haven’t lived.

Gay Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

The Right Pair Can Make You Feel Masculine

If you are a trans male going through transition, that process can be jarring and uncomfortable. It can feel amazing to buy some clothes that truly fit the way you feel inside. Marco Marco creates underwear with thick brushed black bands that reflect the masculinity you crave without sacrificing comfort or fashion. 

Gay Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Be Bold. Be Bright. Be Proud.

We strive to make every man feel confident in his own skin. We specifically choose colors, prints, and materials that stand out from the crowd. Marco Marco men aren’t afraid to let their personalities shine through their fashion choices. Unfortunately, people judge a book by its cover. Let your cover say “I know who I am, and I am wearing some really comfortable underwear.”


Need help choosing the right pair? Our friendly staff at Marco Marco is here to assist you!

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