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Matching Couple’s Underwear: Too Far or Too Cute?

Couples who spend a lot of time together start to look like one another. Whether that means getting similar haircuts, adopting similar subculture fashions, or even literally wearing matching underwear depends on the couple. While some people find the idea of slipping on a matching pair of underwear an adorable idea, some people feel that every person in a relationship needs a space that’s just their own, and that space starts in their underwear drawer. If you’re considering a matching set of underwear, look at these factors first.

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Consider the Need for Support 

One thing about men’s underwear that people who don’t wear it often forget is that there’s a need for support. All tighter underwear is based on giving the package the support it needs so you can go through your day happy and well defined. If you’re going to be matching underwear with someone who doesn’t need a supportive pouch, make sure that you’re catering to your comfort first. It’s difficult to go from full support to nothing in that department.                                                                                  

One Style for Two Different Body Types 

It doesn’t matter whether you and your partner are putting the same or different junk in your underwear’s trunk. Odds are, you and your partner aren’t the exact same shape and size. Matching underwear, if it’s going to work at all, has to be something that’s going to look cute on you both. If you’re a little sensitive about your size, you may be more comfortable in something more like a boxer or fuller coverage underwear than a tight thong. You’re going to want to pick a style that makes both of you want to flaunt what you’ve got, alone… or in a cute couple’s pic on Instagram. Tastefully, of course.

 Matching Without Matching

One option for couples who want to get the warm fuzzy feeling of matching with a significant other without the pressure of actually having to wear the same underwear is matching themes. Instead of option for the same style, cut, and color, just match two of the three. Maybe you both want to wear red briefs, but you’re option for boxer-briefs while your partner’s sporting boy shorts. Either way, you’re looking cute while getting the comfort and support you need.

 Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Limited Time Only

Of course, not everyone things matching underwear is to die for. Matching underwear is a level of commitment that can be difficult to keep up. While it’s easy to do so at the highs of infatuation, eventually you’re going to slide into different patterns. That’s okay. Dressing up in matching underwear (say, on Valentine’s Day, someone’s birthday, or an anniversary) can be cute and sexy as long as you don’t take it too seriously. Not every day can be Valentine’s Day, and not every day should be matching underwear day, either.

Couple’s underwear can be fun and sexy, but you have to take it easy sometimes. Every day is too much to coordinate. If you want to slip on something cute that makes you feel connected on special occasions, there are ways to make it work. Focus on comfort, both physical and emotional. Swap some styles to retain your own uniqueness even in a matching couple’s underwear level relationship.



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