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What Should Dictate Your Underwear Style?

Have you thought to yourself, “There is no way boxer briefs will ever be comfortable for me!” Or perhaps you have asked yourself “I wonder what type of person wears a jockstrap to work?” At Marco Marco, we are passionate in our belief that everyone's body should be adorned in fashionable undies and celebrated for what it is. Men of all sizes, shapes, and colors can enjoy Marco Marco’s bright and bold styles. Your body type shouldn’t dictate your underwear style. But what should? Your lifestyle should be the primary factor when picking out your next pair. 

 Gay Mens Underwear | #MarcoMarco

The Business Executive

When you are dominating the board room during the day, you want to make sure you are supported, comfortable, and dry. You can’t be continually adjusting mid-meeting. At the same time, you want to make sure that you can’t see any big bunches of fabric under your pants. For those men who are living the office life, we highly recommend the traditional briefs for a smart and sexy fit.

 Gay Mens Underwear | #MarcoMarco

The Homemaker

If you are a well-kept man who stays close to home, you have a bit more leeway on your style. Aside from taking out the dog or a last-minute grocery run, your clothes can be a bit more relaxed. If you hit the gym early, you can throw on a jockstrap in the morning and switch to a nice cozy boxer brief post-shower.

 Gay Mens Underwear | #MarcoMarco

The Hard Hatter

If you are a man who does some hard labor during the day, you need to be able to move and stretch freely. You need a pair of underwear that will keep everything together without feeling constricted. Marco Marco’s jockstrap with moisture-wicking fabric is the perfect solution. With the thick, yet soft elastic band, you are sure to feel secure while taking care of the heavy lifting.


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