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Vinny Vega hits the streets of New York in Marco Marco

When it comes to claiming a place as one of the top go-go guys in New York City, it takes much more than just a pretty face to take the crown. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Vinny Vega boasts one of the most beautiful visages to grace the stage. Whether he's rocking his typical hunkwear or mens brief, this powerful performer knows how to captivate his audiences with just a few simple steps. No one knows how to fill out a pair of briefs better than this delightful dancer, who is also becoming a trendsetter in the gay underwear scene.

Photo by Gustavo Monroy

Of course, it only makes sense that Vega's hulking good looks would capture the attention of photographers, which is why it's no surprise that he's recently shot with acclaimed photographers such as Gustavo Monroy. In one epic shot, Vega models Marco Marco hot pink mens brief while striking a fierce pose in front of Times Square. Considering how much of a New Yorker Vinny Vega is—his instagram name is even VinnyVega_NYC—it seems fitting for him to pose in his hunkwear in front of one of the most iconic symbols of the Big Apple.



Vinny Vega's commitment to nightlife truly shines forth in the Monroy shots, which capture his youthful enthusiasm and cosmopolitan swagger. It certainly seems as if it won't be long before all of the gay underwear companies are trying to sign Vega as a model. Vega seems to possess that certain "je ne sais quoi" that makes a male model's photos truly pop. A lot of his comfort in front of the camera can probably be attributed to the fact that he's been making a living as a go-go dancer in one of the most impressive gay cities in the world. With over 43,000 followers on Instagram, it seems that Vega's career is definitely on the upswing.

This up-and-comer boasts the perfect look that will most likely define beauty in 2016. With his ripped body, enviable cheekbones and alluring eyes, it's no wonder that the camera seems to be having a love affair with Vinny Vega. Whether he's serving up sass with a drag queen or modeling mens brief, there seems to be no limit to this man's versatile looks and approachable attitude. His eyes exude kindness, and his love for music seeps into all of the photos in which he is doing what he does best—dancing.

It seems as though Vinny Vega's career will truly take off this year, and these iconic Gustavo Monroy shots were the perfect way to start the year. It certainly seems as though Vinny Vega's newly minted star will continue to rise and rise. His background as a dancer has undoubtedly provided him with the confidence and skills that he will need for the rest of his career.



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