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Pink Mens Underwear

Everyone knows that the color pink has traditionally been reserved for the female species. Words such as soft, flirty, and shy often come to mind when considering this particular hue. This unwritten rule has held strong for generation after generation. But all rules were made to be broken eventually. Breast Cancer campaigns such as "Real Men Wear Pink" have helped to broaden the scope of what it can mean to wear the color pink. Men who have accepted this challenge along with those who simply like to go against the grain have shifted universal ideas concerning this legend.

Look out ladies, times have changed and new age trends suggest that this particular tradition is indeed a thing of the past. Men all over the globe are joining the movement sporting everything from carnation ties, magenta shirts, and pink shoes. Male underwear models such as those featured in The Underwear Expert’s article “Pretty In Pink: Fall’s Best Pink Underwear” present a fresh, masculine perspective on who can fashionably and comfortably wear the color pink. In this article, Taryn Guzio proposes a change in "mind-set" regarding the color pink. She provides an alternative perspective on the color with masculine descriptors such as "bold fuchsia." She points to options including a variety of shades and selections from pink mens briefs to mens pink jockstraps and anything in between (no pun intended).

Murray Swanby offers a variety of styles such as pink mens jockstraps as pictured here:

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