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A Brief History About Briefs

Have you ever wondered where this magical style of underwear came from? How did we go from giant lacy pants to a sleek, sexy, form-fitting pair of undies? At Marco Marco, we believe it is essential to know your roots. We decided to dive into the history of briefs and what we found is pretty surprising.

Who Invented Briefs?

Briefs were first sold back in 1935 in Chicago, Illinois at the Marshall Field’s department store. At the time, they were called a “jockey” because of their similarity in style to the jockstrap with regards to support. The inventor was inspired by some sexy postcards he received from a friend who visited the French Riviera that included a man in a small swimsuit. The exact inventor of the “jockey” isn’t entirely known, but we appreciate his vision and dedication to bringing the style of the French Riviera across America and beyond.

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Other Names for Briefs

In America, there are about a million slang terms for briefs. The most famous being “tighty-whiteys” for the most popular cut, color, and style. However, other countries have some interesting ways of describing the brief. In the UK, briefs are referred to as “Y-fronts” or simply, “pants.” In Australia, briefs are known as “jocks” but refer to “jockstraps” separately. Whatever you call them, they have revolutionized comfort and maneuverability for men around the world.

A Brief Celebration

Now that you know all that you have ever wanted to know about briefs, why don’t you treat yourself to a pair? We have a wide-array of briefs to celebrate your new-found knowledge about your favorite cut of underwear.

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Photography by : Shaun Vadella

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