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Debunking Jockstrap Myths with Marco Marco

The jockstrap gets a bad rap, but it’s a great garment. So many jockstraps are reminiscent of P.E. and rank locker rooms. Too many of us are still thinking in terms of ninth grade. Jockstraps have evolved since then--jockstrap myths haven’t. So buckle up, and get ready to have your mind blown by Marco Marco’s sexy jockstraps. It’s time to debunk some jockstrap myths.

Jockstraps dig in

Jockstrap myths start with discomfort around the waist band. They’re built for athleticism, but too often the wrong size leads to pinching and discomfort around the middle. The solution is simple: Marco Marco builds jockstraps with the same great, elastic waistband as other garments in our underwear line. The width of the strap distributes its pressure. This gives great structure, support, and avoids the issues of pinching and clinging. Jockstraps don’t have to dig in. Consider that jockstrap myth debunked.

Jockstraps are too tight for all day wear

Jockstraps don’t have to be too tight around the waist, and they don’t have to be too tight in the pouch, either. Part of the job of a jockstrap is to provide shaping and support. When you’re trying to nail your half-court shot, you need that kind of support in your corner. The concern is that it’s going to get too clingy and uncomfortable to wear it all day.

Marco Marco gets around that by building their jocks with a center stitch and piping around the pouch. Piping doesn’t just make a fashion statement; it also provides an additional cushion and boost of support so all day wear is possible. Pair that with the soft, silky touch of stretchy spandex pouching and you have a non-irritating, comfortable jockstrap to wear all day long.

Jockstraps never look sexy

For many men, the jockstrap brings to mind something old, frayed, and yellowed from gym class. It’s not what you’d want to wear if you’re planning to head to a flirty party or plan to spend the evening with someone special. That part is totally correct, actually. If you want to show someone at the end of the evening, probably don’t wear a nasty, smelly, ancient pair that should be growing mold at the back of a locker somewhere. Not a great move.

On the other hand, you could wear a Marco Marco jockstrap instead. These jockstraps come in flirty colors and patterns to catch the eye. Some, like the Quantum Jockstrap from Marco Marco, feature UV reflective fabric perforated for comfort. They’re guaranteed to stay sexy all day, and even have a place on the dance floor. These are jockstraps that shape, support, and catch the eye so you always look your best. They’re definitely sexy. Jockstrap myths are zero for three going head to head with Marco Marco!

Jockstraps don’t always have a great reputation, but they’ve come a long way since high school gym class-just like you. Try on a pair of ultra-comfortable, stylish, and supportive Marco Marcos and kiss jockstrap myths goodbye.

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