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Five Frequently Asked Questions about Thongs for Men

Thongs for men shouldn’t still be controversial, but public acceptance always trails behind fashion. This article tackles the five most common questions about thongs for men so you can feel confident choosing a thong yourself. Thongs for men are great--enjoy them!

  1. Can Men Wear Thongs

The first question that typically comes up when talking about thongs for men is “can men wear thongs?” If it’s a question of masculinity, then yes, absolutely. If it’s a question of practicality, the answer is still yes. There’s no reason that a man can’t get the support he needs from a thong. They’re constructed very similarly to a jock strap!

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

  1. What Are the Advantages of Thongs for Men

Thongs for men have a series of advantages over other types of underwear. You’ll want to keep this in mind while you shop. The type of underwear you should wear depends on what you’re going to be doing. Thongs are great for freedom of movement and making a bold statement. If you want to get wild on the dancefloor, you should pop on a thong. You’ll be able to shake your booty with the best of them! Additionally, if you’re of the mind to show off, a thong creates a sexy silhouette for skin tight clothes or something that’s riding down a little.

  1. Can You Wear Thongs Under Your Clothes

Thongs for men are great party clothes, but what about day to day? Some men prefer thongs for daily tasks like working and running errands. Thongs are great for tight trousers, such as skinny jeans and fashionably tight suit slacks. They don’t bunch up and show boxer lines, and they’re form fitting--you can wear them under anything you like. Thongs won’t do much to keep you warm, but in the summer that hardly matters. If you want to throw on a thong to get through your day, you absolutely can. Thongs will provide pouch support and fit throughout the day.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

  1. How Long Does a Thong for Men Last

If you care for your thong, it will last as long as any other pair of underwear. Make sure you follow the washing and drying instructions carefully. In particular, don’t tumble dry your thong. The heat can relax your elastic. Since the elastic is the only thing giving your thong support and shape, it will wear out sooner if you use tumble drying. Air dry your thong or roll it up in a towel to dry. If you take care, your thong can last a year or more--it also depends on how often you wear it.

  1. What Size Thong Should I Order

When sizing yourself for a thong, order your usual underwear size unless the brand indicates otherwise. If you haven’t bought underwear recently, measure yourself to get an accurate waist measurement. If you’ve been wearing stretched underwear and your waist size has changed you may not realize it. Thongs grip firmly through the waist, so get a comfortable size with an accurate measurement.

Thongs for men are fun, flirty, and comfortable. Don’t hold back. Now that you know what you know, go on and get a thong!


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  • I’m a gay man who wears thongs as daily underwear, so I guess someone has to fit the stereotype. But who can argue with how comfy, sexy, and supportive they are? And my partner loves them.

    • Eric
  • The way I see it is its just fabric, wear whatever makes you happy. As long as it’s not a toga (joking).

    • Randy
  • Started wearing thongs and it’s the best. Definitely not a gay thing.

    • Nick
  • If you like wearing slim or skinny fit jeans, I think things are the best underwear choice. I don’t like the extra fabric bunching up from briefs or boxers/trunks if I’m wearing a pair of Levi’s 510’s or 519’s. You also won’t show any lines if you are wearing white jeans. Another practical underwear choice is jockstrap underwear. I wear jeans almost every day, so I almost always wear a thong or a jockstrap for underwear.

    • Frank
  • No thongs were not meant for gay men only that’s absurd comment. It takes a real man to wear a thong on the beach or on his deck drinking coffee

    • Jack Jackson