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Four Perks of The Cosmic Jockstrap

Every piece that Marco Marco puts together is designed to improve on the basic model. The Marco Marco Cosmic Jockstrap is built to give you the support of a jock with more freedom of movement and comfort in an attractive package. These perks set the Marco Marco Cosmic Jockstrap apart from the rest.

  1. Retro look

Never blend into the crowd again with the Cosmic’s iconic fabric design. With neon spiderweb fabric and red piping, Cosmic is a blast from the past that still holds up today. Cosmic looks fun whether you’re slipping them on preparing to face the morning, or if you’re letting someone catch a flirty peak at the club. They’re a jockstrap with personality. Looking great is always a perk, and the combination of simple black and bright neon ensures that the Marco Marco Cosmic Jockstrap always delivers.

  1. Wide waistband

The comfort of jockstraps in general lies with the waistband. A good waistband has to ride the line between too loose and too snug. If it’s loose, your jock will slip further and further down during the day. Instead of support, you’ll have an annoying bunch of fabric under your glutes. NO fun. A tight waistband can make the fittest person feel chunky. It digs, pinches, and is all around a punishment. The waistband provides all the support in a jockstrap, so it’s better too tight than too lose, but it’s still uncomfortable.

The Marco Marco Cosmic Jockstrap’s waistband is a softbrushed wide band. It’s designed to grip snugly to provide support, but is wide enough that it’s not concentrating all that pressure on a narrow area. As always, the little details are what really sells it. The band is designed to be soft and comfortable on the skin so you can wear it all day long.

  1. Competitive price

In a perfect world, money wouldn’t matter. This isn’t a perfect world, and it totally does. The Marco Marco Cosmic Jockstrap is a steal for the materials and brand name involved. If you’re looking to make sure you’re getting what you paid for, look no further than this high quality, comfort-oriented jockstrap. When something’s durable, high quality, and affordable it proves triple threats really exist.

  1. Freedom of movement

This is the underwear to take on the dance floor. The Marco Marco Cosmic Jockstrap has the perks of support and freedom of movement. There’s no point holding everything in place if you’re so constricted you can’t enjoy yourself. Jockstraps are supposed to provide you with the support to move with confidence. The Marco Marco Cosmic Jockstrap follows through on that. The soft, flexible material allows you to bend and snap wherever and whenever you need to. You can shake it on the dance floor without pinching or stiff seams holding you back.

The Marco Marco Cosmic Jockstrap offers a lot of perks for a small price tag--which is, itself, another perk. You can move with confidence in a comfort-oriented, eye-catching design. Enjoy a Marco Marco Cosmic Jockstrap today.

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