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Four Reasons to Wear a Thong Singlet Before You Die

A thong singlet is a bold fashion choice. Not every man thinks of himself as a thong singlet kind of guy. Stepping outside the box, and into the tightest fashion accessory can be daunting. There are good reasons to break out of your comfort zone and try something a little slinkier.

  1. Proof you were once that daring

One day you’ll be old/older and gray/grayer, and you’re going to look back on these days and wonder how you showed yourself to the world. A thong singlet is one of those things that says “I didn’t waste my time being self-conscious”. Shaking off the fear of judgement and doing something that you want to do is liberating, and there’s no time like the present.

  1. They’re surprisingly comfortable

Believe it or not, a thong singlet is actually very comfortable. It doesn’t look like it, but Marco Marco puts the same detail and crafting into every piece they put out. The Marco Marco thong singlet is made of the same ultra-comfortable material that makes their underwear so appealing. Flexible mesh keeps the singlet breathable even when you’re working out—or working it on the dance floor. The singlet moves with you, allowing you to go about your day or your party as usual.

  1. Confidence is as confidence does

While the thong singlet is a great way to boost your confidence (and make some memories of your golden years), it’s also a great way to actually boost your confidence. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. It’s important to love the body that you have. If you’ve sculpted it to perfect, now’s your chance to show it off. If you’ve had other things on your plate, that still deserves some attention.

The thong singlet is a statement piece. Hello, world, and/or the hottie you brought home. This is what you’ve got to work with and you’re not afraid to show it off. Just like you should smile until you feel happy, you should act confident until you are confident. This isn’t done for anyone other than yourself. Build your confidence every time you slip it on.

  1. You’re already wearing the thong

Finally, the reason you need to wear a thong singlet at least once in your life is that you’re already halfway there. You’re already wearing the thong. What else are you waiting for? Clearly, once you’ve gotten to the thong, you’ve shown yourself to be a bold dresser who’s unconcerned with convention. You prefer intimate comfort. You prefer a bold style choice. Wearing a thong but not a thong singlet is like saying you like to climb every mountain except the tall ones. You’ve come this far. Why not go further?

Thong singlets are great. They’re shockingly comfortable. They draw the eye to you and force you to build that confidence in yourself. They’re a fun way to show that you are living your life. Best of all, you’ve already done most of the hard work: you’ve decided to wear the thong.

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  • Dose not showing in this section I got email about this thong sling but the only shows here the 4 reasons!!!

    • Meshal
  • I already own one and couldn’t agree more about the issue of comfort or the bold statement wearing it conveys. The kudos from those around me further served to bolster my self assurance that even at 70 years of age I can still turn a few heads!!

    • Peter England
  • Is there available these Thong singlet? The one that is show in this blog of 4 reasons to wear it. Where to buy it