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Four Signs You Need New Underwear

 If you’re the kind of man who waits until the absolute last second to buy new underwear, you’re not alone. There are men—even men who love Marco Marco underwear—who hate buying new ones. Maybe you’re frugal, maybe it doesn’t cross your mind much, whatever. You don’t have to flip through the calendar marking out “buy new underwear” days if you know the four signs you need new underwear. Once you spot the signs, you can’t put it off any longer: it’s time for new Marco Marco underwear.

  1. Sagging fit 

Marco Marco underwear is made from fabric that performs. It’s built for comfort. It’s built for durability. It’s built to take a licking and keep on ticking, and they will. But eventually—even years down the line—they’re going to get old. We all will someday. Less durable underwear than Marco Marco’s wear out even faster. You can only wear something for so long before it loses some of that support. If it’s sagging in the seat or the crotch, you’re not getting what you need from your underwear anymore. It’s time to call it quits.

  1. Not your size

People gain weight, people lose weight. You can stay the same number on the scale and still end up changing your body shape. If your underwear isn’t your size, it’s going to gap, pinch, slide, or cling. None of these are going to look hot or be comfortable. If something isn’t your size, don’t make do. Get something that fits you properly. You’ll look better and feel better, no matter what the cause of shifting sizes. Don’t squeeze into something that doesn’t fit your shape anymore. Don’t spend time Googling “underwear belts” and hoping there’s something that will make that big pair comfortable again.

  1. You’d be ashamed to let anyone see

This is a simple test that runs entirely around your emotions. Think about someone you’d like to see in their underwear. Then, imagine that they are amenable, and catch you on an ordinary day and want to see you in YOUR underwear. If you have any pairs of underwear you’d be ashamed for them to catch you in, throw that pair out. This isn’t a fantasy of black tie gala events. If there’s any underwear you’d be ashamed to be seen wearing in your day to day life, kick them to the curb.

  1. You wear one style for everything

Guys have their favorite styles. That’s just fine. But no one style of underwear is designed to do everything. Marco Marco underwear is designed with purpose in mind. Briefs and jocks give support during exercise sessions or all day long. Boxers let you breathe. Leggings keep it tight, styled, and nice. Whatever you’re doing, you should have options about which underwear styles you pick. You don’t want to go jogging without support, but you probably don’t want to wear a jockstrap all day.

Marco Marco underwear are vibrant, durable, and shaped to fit you. There are a variety of styles to choose from, so you can get the ones that fit your needs. If you don’t have options, don’t have the right fit, or wouldn’t be caught dead wearing your underwear in front of someone sexy, dump them. It’s time for new Marco Marco underwear.


Photos: @theunderwearexpert

Models: @theonlysteven & @whereiswisco

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