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Giving Sexy Holiday Underwear as a Gift

Mens underwear is the kind of gift you hated as a kid, but getting it from someone you like (or love) can be thrilling. Picking out the right pair to warm things up on a cold December night is the key to pulling it off. When it works, it shows you spent time finding the right gift. If it doesn’t work, it can be socially awkward or, in some cases, physically uncomfortable.

Pro: Time Spent Picking Out the Perfect Thing

Underwear is an intimate item. When you buy the right pair of mens underwear for a guy, it shows that you’ve been paying attention. You spent time thinking about their body (insert suggestive eyebrow wiggle here). You know him, intimately, down to the cut, size, and pattern that will make him look and feel his best. When everything works out, getting underwear as a sexy holiday gift is a great show of knowledge and dedication.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Con: Sizing Issues

In Mens underwear sizing is everything. This is because mens underwear is often sized around just one number: waist size. Knowing his waist size will allow you to pick out the right fit of underwear. Too tight won’t be sexy (and could trigger some body-related self consciousness for some men.) Too loose won’t be sexy either, as it sags and slides down his body. Yikes. If you’re not one hundred percent sure what his size is, it might be best to give it a miss.

Pro: Treat Him to Something Special 

Mens underwear dramatically increases in quality when it increases in price. You get what you pay for! High quality underwear improves a man’s support. It helps with long-term comfort, and could even affect how much he sweats! A lot of men don’t invest in high quality underwear for themselves. Getting him a pair or two says that you care about him, and it rides that line of practicality versus frivolousness. It’s an excuse to get him something useful and luxurious that he’d never treat himself to. If the man in your life is tough to shop for, consider a pair or two of high quality, all day comfort underwear.

 Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Con: Gamble as a Gift

When you give sexy underwear to someone, you need to be sure that it will be well received. Underwear mixes the risks of buying someone clothes with the risks of buying something sexy for a holiday. Some guys get awkward. Some guys are really hoping for a new video game, or something they can tell their family about. if the man you’re shopping for seems shy, underwear may be a poor choice of gift.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco 

Giving someone sexy underwear is a great way to show how well you know them, and how much you’ve been thinking about them. It’s an intimate surprise, and could be a way to indulge someone who usually keeps his wardrobe bare bones. On the other hand, not everyone likes receiving intimate things at the holidays. If you’re not sure what size he is, it’s better not to guess, so either find out or find another gift.

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