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How Queer Fashion Is More than Just Clothing

What you wear is not just about the clothing itself, it can define who you are. That is why queer fashion is so much more than aesthetics; it is about identity. Some critics call queer style too flamboyant, too loud, or too pretentious. But there is a good reason for it. For as long as history existed, we have been a marginalized group, pushed back behind the curtains, forced to fit in or be put in danger. Not anymore. We are loud, proud, and freaking beautiful.


We Believe in Speaking Through Fashion

Marco Marco’s designer style is known for being unique, glamorous, and fantastically practical. Our underwear provides ultimate comfort with a style that fits every man. We stand behind our products, not only for what they feel like, but what they say. We have created bright and bold prints that attract attention when and where you want it. The men who choose Marco Marco do so for a reason. They believe in quality products that stand for something.

 Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

If you believe in queer fashion, it is paramount to support it. Queer designers need our support to continue creating clothing that can have a profound impact on our community. If you appreciate the art that someone creates, buy it, share it on social media, write a review, talk about it. Designers (including Marco Marco) use fashion as a conversation piece. We believe creating beautiful (and comfortable) wearable pieces can start discussions that can lead to action.


Queer fashion is more than just clothing, it is rebellion, it is a protest, it is an expression, and it can be immensely powerful. Want to find a piece that reflects your identity? Our underwear experts are happy to assist you.

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  • Hey Marco, i don’t know how to contact you, but i would love to be part of your fashion show this year, if you happen to have the time to check out my drag persona, my facebook is Africa Rivers, and instagram is @Alekglam

    • Africa Rivers