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How to Perfect the Underwear Selfie

Standard disclaimer: Perfect, to die for underwear selfies are only to be used on your personal web spaces or shared with the deserving (and consenting).

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business: snapping the perfect underwear selfie. A provocative photo can make you feel great about yourself, and look even better. It all comes down to presentation. Consider your light, your background, and how much you want to show. Then strike the right pose and keep your editing light. You want the final product to look like it took two seconds.

Get the right lighting 

The best lighting for underwear selfies comes in two “flavors”. There’s the all natural, warm yellow light of your average bathroom mirror, chillin’ at home selfie. Then, there’s the light at the club. Dimmer, cooler toned light can work to help you create an artistic impression. Brighter light is better for showing off a popping silhouette. Either one can work, but you need to know what you’re dealing with.

If you have the luxury of controlling the lighting, brighter is better. You don’t need the unrelenting glare of full daylight, but turn on every light in the bathroom and see how crisp the lines in your snap become. If you don’t have the ability to change your lighting, work with the light you have.


Consider the background

Before you snap the pic, take a look at everything in the photo that’s not your booty. You don’t want to take a sexy pic with a background of scuzzy glasses or a stranger photobombing you. You need your background to be, and look, pristine. Clean up the bathroom and make sure no one is in the gym locker room behind you.

If possible, stand in front of something high contrast. Your underwear selfie is going to look extra fierce if there’s a dark background behind you, allowing for contrast between your white briefs and the background image. Crop the photo so a chipped bathroom counter doesn’t distract from how ripped you’ve gotten this spring. Make the focus you.

Consider how much to show 

Full underwear selfies are great, but they don’t have to be your only move. Sometimes it’s hotter to hint than to show what you’ve got. An artistic shot of you with one side of your trousers slipping so your wide waistband and Marco Marco label are peaking out can seal the deal. Consider what you want to highlight in your photo. Sometimes, less is more.


It should go without saying, but make sure you’re flexing. Flexing will make your rear appear, suck in your stomach, and fill out the contours in your underwear. Even if you’re posting casually leaning against the counter after a grueling workout, do one last flex for the day. You’ll look amazing—it’s totally worth it.

Use a light touch filter

Underwear selfies take a while to get right, but you want to make it look like you got it right the first time, every time. Use a light touch with editing tools. Pic a filter that looks great, but keep it simple. Balancing the colors or blurring the outer edges is enough. You don’t want to look vain—even if you are taking underwear selfies. Image is everything.

Underwear selfies are fun. They make you look confident and sexy. When you know that you look confident and sexy, you become more confident and therefore more sexy. Keep your selfies simple. Great light, clear background, and an artistic composition. Then lightly edit it and send your underwear selfie on its way.


Thanks to all the Instagrammers out there and their amazing Selfies!

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