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How to Pick the Right Swimsuit

The right swimsuit can make or break your summer plans. The right swimsuit helps you look great lounging in the pool, or cannonballing into the deep end. When you’re picking your perfect suit you need to focus on three things: first, your activity level in the suit. Then, how each cut fits your body. Lastly, take a moment to consider color. Putting a little effort into picking your suit now can boost your confidence stepping out this summer.

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Consider your activity level

An itty-bitty, barely there swimsuit will really emphasize your assets, but it’s not made for white water rafting. If the most you’ll be moving in your swim suit is wearing it down to the pool party, go ahead and get something skimpy and exciting. You’re just using it to preserve a little modesty (and mystery), so get something that oozes confidence.


If you intend to swan dive into the deep end, or take a dip in a running body of water, opt for a sturdier swim trunk. If you intend to really swim, you want a suit with a little more flexibility. You should be able to move however you want to without flashing anyone something that they’d rather not see.

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Focus on fit

Once you’ve selected the style, you want to focus on the proper fit of your swim trunk. If you’re a little shy, you’re going to have to fight your natural instincts. Baggy suits may make you feel more comfortable, but they’re begging to be swept off by a passing wave. You want to opt for a snug fit wherever possible. The right swimsuit won’t impact your mobility, but it will hug your booty so you don’t want up unexpectedly exposed.


If you’re getting a loose fitting style like a classic, boxer-like swim trunk, make sure that it has a good elastic waist. Follow the cleaning instructions so the waist stays snug for a long time. Adjustable waists are also an option for varied comfort.

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Add a pop of color

Once you have the style and the fit, you have to consider the color. Black and dark gray are both very popular choices in men’s swimsuits. They’re slimming, their plain, and they go with everything, right? While that’s true, your swimsuit is just about the safest place you can put color. You’re not going to be wearing it around any important business contacts (unless you job is just really, really cool), so why not live a little? If you want to push yourself to have more fun, start looking the part. Rock some acid green or neon blue, and see if you feel like having a little more fun in the sun.


Picking the right swimsuit sets you up for success down the road. Remember the three most important things: style, fit, and color. If you’re looking for active wear, don’t pick a bikini-brief swimsuit. Find a suit that fits you snugly while allowing you to move. Lastly, leave black for the other three seasons of the year: summer is the time for colors!

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