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How to Spring Clean Your Underwear Drawer

Spring is fast approaching, and if you are like me and have been binge watching Marie Kondo’s new show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, you are ready to organize. One of the first areas to tackle in your bedroom should be the underwear drawer. While the idea of cleaning doesn’t always “spark joy” for everyone, it can be a refreshing experience if you approach it correctly. The underwear drawer is often the first place you visit when getting ready in the morning, so why not make that the starting point of your spring cleaning adventures?

 Gay Mens Underwear | #MarcoMarco

Take It All Out

You heard us right, take it all out for everyone to see. It is crucial to see all your underwear and inspect the condition of each pair before deciding to keep or toss. Dump all your undies on your bed and look for underwear that has seen better days. How do you know it is time to ditch specific pairs? We explain below.


When to Toss

If you notice significant pilling, holes, tears, or god-forbid, stains, it is time to let that pair go. A common issue amongst other brands is the wear and tear of your elastic band. If you notice your underwear doesn’t have that same snap, it is a sure sign that they have reached the end of their lifespan. Also, you may have those pairs you don’t like. Maybe they don’t fit well, they look tacky, or you made a purchase in the heat of passion and had regretted it ever since. If you go through your underwear drawer enough, you will notice quality matters.

 Gay Mens Underwear | #MarcoMarco

Organize It by Form & Function

Most men have a few different styles of underwear in their drawers. Whether it is a jockstrap for the gym and briefs for the day-job (or night job, we don’t judge) you need a way to keep things straight. Grab a few shoe boxes you have laying around in your closet and use that as a drawer divider to separate different underwear styles. That way, you save significant time searching for the perfect pair for your daily activities.


Now that you have spring cleaned your underwear drawer, it is time for a new pair. Check out Marco Marco’s latest spring styles.


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