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How Wearing Color Can Influence Your Mood

Have you ever been sad while wearing neon yellow? What about lime-green? I don’t think so. Color has this amazing ability to alter your mood. Marco Marco is known for our bright and bold use of color in our underwear. We want you to feel bright, cheerful, and sexy. There is nothing wrong with standing out in a crowd, and your underwear should make you feel as good as you look.


From sophisticated navy to playful sky-blue, it can have a calming effect on your mood. Blues tend to invoke mental imagery of peaceful skies and gorgeous oceans. When you choose a pair of underwear that highlights this color, you should feel centered and ready for the stress of the day. Can’t find the right underwear in your collection? Try our Core Brief in blue.

 Gay Mens Underwear | Marco Marco


Green is the color of wealth, prosperity, and envy. Trust me. Every man is going to be envious of how fantastic you will look in your greenest pair of underwear. When you adorn yourself in the color of money, you can’t help but be motivated to get out there and make your mark on the world. It is no wonder it is the most popular ‘favorite color’ out there. Don’t have a green pair of underwear? Grab a Core Thong in mint.

 Gay Mens Underwear | Marco Marco


Sassy, defiant, and fashionable is what comes to mind when you see a man dressed in pink. When you choose any pink article of clothing, you are making a statement. You aren’t afraid to embrace your fem-side while elevating your masculine energy with confidence. Pink is such a strong, cheerful color that you can’t help but smile when you slip it on. Wear your Core Boxer Brief in pink to elevate your mood.



Wake up Ms. Daisy. It is no mistake that yellow is the happiest color on the rainbow. When you are sporting a shade of yellow, you should feel energized, excited, and ready to take on the day. If you are feeling slow to get started, slip on a pair of our Essential Briefs in yellow and get on it!


Still can’t find what you want? Check out our complete collection and get shopping.

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