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Marco Marco’s 2017 Calendar: Start 2017 Right

You could spend 2017 looking at kittens or sunsets every month. On the other hand, you could spend the year looking at something a little spicier.  The Marco Marco wall calendar combines eye-grabbing art with the kind of hot men you’d expect on an underwear catalogue. This calendar will keep you committed to living your best life, remind you of important dates, and embrace the radical notion that human variation is amazing.

New Year, New You

We wouldn’t need New Year’s resolutions if the holidays were a little easier on the figure. Starting about Halloween, staying in shape starts getting a little harder. If you’re committed to looking and feeling your best in 2017, remind yourself every day why you’re drinking that protein shake and hitting the gym. To dance at black-light parties, obviously. To rock your Marco Marco underwear without a trace of discomfort. 2017 is going to be your year as long as you focus on what you can do for yourself. Everyone needs a little fitness inspiration, and this wall calendar has it in spades.

Practical and stylish

It’s not all about the pretty pictures. The Marco Marco wall calendar will keep you up to date on the dates—and more. It’s marked with major US Christian, Jewish, and Islamic holidays. It also keeps you up to date on some of the lesser known holidays.

If it’s getting late in January and you’re worried that you won’t get the full, year-long experience with the Marco Marco wall calendar, don’t worry. It’s a 13-month calendar, perfect for carrying you through until January of 2018. If your New Year’s resolutions don’t include buying a new calendar before you actually need it next year, don’t worry. This wall calendar is there for you.

Variety is the spice of life

The Marco Marco wall calendar isn’t just about hot men in underwear. Oh, it’s about hot men in underwear. There’s just more to the picture than that. Taking a look at the months, you find more than your typical models. This calendar is about rocking your best look with confidence and flair. Maybe that means a pair of neon script Marco Marcos, or maybe our Shades of Gray boxer briefs. Whatever look makes you feel confident, this is a wall calendar that will inspire you. The year 2017 is an inspiring, bold, and vibrant year. Be a part of it.

There’s every other calendar out there, and then there’s the Marco Marco wall calendar. Kittens are cute, sunsets are relaxing, but Marco Marco blends fitness inspiration, inspiration, and Art with a capital “A”. Keep track of dates, major holidays, and more, for a full 13-months. You can be prepped and ready through the end of January, 2018. Pick up your Marco Marco wall calendar, and get 2017 off to a great start.

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