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Spring Fashion Trends in Men’s Underwear to Look Forward To

Spring fashion trends are a reason to live for spring. They set the tone for the year to come, and they’re always such a refreshing break from what came before. The earth seems to come back to life in the spring, and these underwear trends are going to bring life to your wardrobe.

Spring Fashion Trends Are All About Color

Spring fashion is universally about leaving the dark, drab days behind and throwing on something with a little color. We’re firm believers in building your look from the foundation (rocking underwear) up. You can throw out your oldest set of underwear and replace them with colorful spring favorites. If you happen to be getting undressed in front of someone, you can count on a whimsical punch to complete the moment.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Something Sleeker for Warmer Days

Thongs for men are sexy, supportive, and often abandoned during the winter because your cheeks are freezing. It’s totally understandable--and, come spring, totally a thing of the past. Spring fashion trends in Men’s underwear go for the risque and the sleek. It’s all about showing some skin and really enjoying looks that just wouldn’t have been pleasant two months ago.

Though there are many sleek options for men’s underwear, the thong itself is having a moment right now. Women’s fashion for Winter 2018 is lighting up the runways with a peekaboo, above the waist style thong. While such a bold look isn’t for absolutely everyone, it’s worth noting that thing trend is available to men as well. The perks include giving your torso that sexy V shape at the bottom. If you’re bold enough to try it in the club scene, make it something simple, like black or white. You don’t need to pair it with something else eye catching. if you’re bold enough to wear this look outside the club, you don’t need our advice. Live your dreams, rebel!

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

New Lines from Your Favorites

Spring is the time for new fashion lines and new excitement. We can list the predicted trends out here, but you’re going to have to come back and see them for yourself. Maybe you’re not usually a fan of bright colors and skimpy underwear. Wait until you see them combines. One of the thrills of spring fashion is having your favorite lines take you places you wouldn’t have gone on your own. Do you trust your fashion icons? Take a leap of faith.

Spring might still be a dream in our hearts, but the fashion peaks are already here. Anticipate warmer weather and sleeker looks. Your favorite lines will come out with fresh styles. We might finally get something colorful again!

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