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The Essential Components of the Essential Brief by Marco Marco

The Essential Brief by Marco Marco was designed to be just that. Every aspect of the brief was gone over with a fine tooth comb; every aspect was considered. What do you really need in your go-to, can’t live without it, essential brief? Marco Marco identified four traits that make an essential brief essential: a design that fits multiple styles, the right blend of fabrics, color variety, and ease of care. Combined, these traits create the essential brief.

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Low rise design

Marco Marco’s essential brief is designed to accommodate a variety of personal styles. The briefs are low rise and trim in design. This allows them to fit comfortably under a variety of clothes. From skinny jeans to formal attire, a low rise design allows the essential briefs to fit comfortably under any pair of trousers. The slim design also gives you freedom of movement whether you’re sitting at a desk job or hitting the town.

Fabric blend

Marco Marco blends Spandex and Viscose together for the ultimate comfort experience. The smooth, soft fabric is flexible and breathable, but provides soft comfort and support. Briefs are supposed to keep you supported and comfortable throughout the day. The perfect fabric blend allows support without rubbing or pressure. You get the best fit all day, every day. When it comes to underwear, a good fit is truly essential.

Designer Mens Underwear |

Color choice

Color choice is essential for underwear that you actually want to use day in and day out. While plain underwear can be functional, it’s not going to be attractive. You’re going to have many situations where you’d rather wear something hot but less effective. Color options for the Essential Brief by Marco Marco include peacock green and plum. There’s a color to fit your look, your personality, and your tastes. These looks will help you keep a variety of underwear on hand that all perform up to the high standards of Marco Marco. There’s no need to choose less functional underwear just to get a splash of fashion--Marco Marco gives you options.

Easy care

Last but definitely not least, easy care is essential for briefs. Your go-to option has to be durable and easy to handle. You’re not going to want to dry clean the most common option in your underwear drawer. Who has time to hand wash seven pairs of underwear a week? The Essential Brief by Marco Marco can be tossed into your cold water wash with like colors. Just like that, that’s it. Then, instead of throwing it into the dryer, lay it flat to dry. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will help your spandex keep its snap.

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There are four aspects to the essential brief. First, it has to have enough variety to make you want to wear it frequently. Then, it needs to be easy to care for. Throw it in the wash and get on with your day. The fabric blend has to be soft and strong, and the style has to fit with any outfit you throw on. That’s when you’ve discovered a wardrobe essential.

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