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Three Daring Underwear Looks More Guys Should Try

Daring underwear wakes you up in the morning. Daring underwear reminds you that you make the rules. In fact, daring underwear is one small step towards being the man you want to be. Don’t hold back, don’t look back, and don’t turn back. Try these daring underwear looks and feel the difference attitude can make.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

  1. Neon underwear at the club

If you haven’t worn neon underwear to the club, you haven’t lived. It doesn’t matter if you were dancing 30 hours last weekend, you haven’t lived. If you’re one of those guys who can’t remember the last time you cut a move through the crowd, this advice is especially for you. Find a club. Preferably one that’s not shy about the black light. Get a good, bright, neon pair of underwear and then play peek-a-boo. Dancing up next to the mirror and try it out. Seeing your booty shaking like your own personal glow stick (and seeing who can’t look away, like a moth to flame) is not an experience to be missed.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

  1. I’m not wearing anything under these leggings

First, a standard disclaimer: if you’re wearing your leggings to actually work out, you may want to slip something on under them. Some guys can go commando in anything, and the rest of us have to worry about chafing. This look is typically used for when you want to look like you just broke a sweat, not for power lifting or getting your miles on the treadmill.

Get yourself firm, well-fitted leggings. Make sure they’re opaque, even when stretched, because this look isn’t about indecent exposure. Just making everyone wonder if it’s going to happen. Slip them on, get them situated, and hit the coffee shop, food truck, or anywhere people who just worked out congregate. This daring look shows off those squats while also saying “What, me? I don’t even care what I look like right now. I’m this hot without trying.”

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

  1. The busy jockstrap

Jocks are great. They provide support while still leaving your butt free to look great in skinny jeans and tight slacks. They’re the sometimes overlooked heroes of the underwear world. If you get a pair with a busy, colorful print on the pouch, they’re also a daring underwear look. Maybe you’re rocking this just for yourself; nothing wrong with that, and more power to you. You know what you’re wearing under your clothes, and it’s a classic move to make this bright and boost your confidence. If anyone else does see, though, a busy jockstrap shows you’re confident, and not afraid that a bright pattern will outshine the rest of you.

Whether you opt for something busy, simple, or bright, daring underwear enlivens every day. You can turn heads at the club, or make a more private appearance at home. No matter what you choose, you’re always going to know that you’re stepping outside of the box—and it looks so good on you.


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  • Make larger sizes. There are sexy men with a 38 or 40 inch waist

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