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What to Look for in an Underwear Pouch

Structurally speaking, the pouch is the most important part of men’s underwear. It doesn’t matter if it has the most darling peekaboo cutout in the back, if things aren’t working up front that pair of underwear is never getting worn again. Some of the common problems with the underwear pouch include: chafing, sweating, not enough support, and unflattering color choices leading to a shabby silhouette. It’s not like we’re asking for underwear pouch contouring, or anything, but really. Really. This is what you need to shop for to get an underwear pouch that works.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Wear the Right Size

This is the standard disclaimer that goes before all fitting/shopping advice. You need to wear the right size underwear. Measure yourself before ordering to be sure that you’re getting the right size. So many factors go into a pouch’s support, and if you’re squeezing yourself into underwear that’s a size too small or too large, there’s really nothing this advice can do for you. It’s especially important to measure if you’ve been wearing the same clothes for a long time; over time, they stretch or bend or wear out, and might not be the best fit for you going forward.


Sweating and chafing can both be traced back to bad fabrics. For the best fit, you want underwear that grips you without strangling you. This typically comes from sportswear and fabric blends. A cotton/synthetic blend is the way to go for averagely active users. If you’re going to be doing a major workout, opt for more cotton to wick away moisture and leave you dry and clean. If you’re going to be taking it easy in a cool environment, it might be fine to indulge in some silks. 

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Stretch Vs Support

Your own personal preference for support will come into play here. There are guys who could go commando every day and never feel it. There are other guys who just can’t. These are generalizations; if you know that you’re definitely a support guy, you’re not going to enjoy a little more breathing room just because this article says it’s great. 

Your underwear pouch should be flexible but firm. You should never feel pinched, or like you’re crammed into it. If you frequently find yourself uncomfortable with the amount of pressure, odds are you’re not wearing the right size of underwear. If you want more support, look to styles that put a lot of emphasis on fitted forms. If the pouch is clearly defined (think of the construction of a boxer brief as opposed to a plain boxer), that is going to offer more support. If the pouch is less clearly defined when you’re not wearing the underwear, that’s going to offer you more freedom.

Accent to Stand Out

If you want your pouch to spring to the forefront of attention, watch the style of your underwear. Choose a defined pouch for that extra support, but also look at colors. Opt for a neutral main color with bright accents along the sides of the pouch to make it stand out. Also, consider a dark main color and a pattern or lighter color over the pouch. Either option will make you stand out.

The underwear pouch is key to comfort. Whether you want to sculpt your look with some fashion choices or you just want to complete your workout without getting swampy, finding the right pouch is the secret. Remember to measure yourself before ordering, and don’t just assume you know what you need. Experiment with style and find the perfect pouch for you.


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  • Actually, I went commando yesterday, on my way to Sunday services. Sometimes, it feels really, really good to let the boys have some air naturally.

    • John