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What Your Prism T-Shirt Pick Says About You

Everyone loves a personality test! While your mileage may vary, we’ve noticed some trends in the buyers of the Prism T-shirts. What you like in a shirt says something about who you are as a person. We’ve laid them out here below. Do you agree? Let us know if we’ve got your favorite Prism T-shirt (and you) all wrong!


Prism Life 1 

Cool, precise, and collected: Prism Life 1 is everything we’d want to be in the face of scrutiny. The bold pattern and cool, blue and green tones suit someone who’s used to being looked at. The pops of accenting color are clear and large, drawing the eye to strategic points on the body. It’s not that it’s attention-seeking, it’s that when something looks this good, people are going to stare. That’s not Prism Life 1’s fault--or yours.

Prism Life 2

Prism Life 2 is the softer look for the guy who likes to go along to get along. The blues, magentas, and purples work on a softer grey background. The pattern is softer than some of the others; it’s heavily circular, drawing people in again and again with warmth, fullness, and pure good vibes. Guys who gravitate to this shirt know how to keep things positive. Productivity and positivity go hand in hand, this shirt is relaxed enough to let you go with the flow as long as you wind up somewhere good.


Prism Life 3

This shirt is unlike any of the others in the line--and the guys who favor it like to be different. The black background and colored lines are a break from the white, angular lines of the others. It would be too cliche to say that it represents those of us in touch with our deep, inner turmoil--and yet, this shirt is a favorite with poets and authors. People who have something deeper going on beneath the surface, and also want it to be on that surface can find that blend with Prism Life 3. It’s a Prism T-shirt that stands out from the rest of the line.


Prism Life 4

This Prism T-shirt and the men who wear it are the life of the party. Bold, bright, and beautiful--that’s the Prism Life 4. These shirts are geared for those who can’t wait to be the center of attention. The colors are crisp, warm, and bright. The white angles provide texture and contour to the shirt. Wear it tight to show off the abs underneath, and watch how rippling texture really makes your body look great.

Prism Life 5

Prism Life 5 is one of the more understated of the Prism T-shirts. The colors don’t flood it like they do the others; they’re pops and spots, carefully placed, but less overwhelming. It allows the white and grey to take a bold place on the shirt. This is the shirt for men who like to have control of their impressions. It’s more important to be precise than to be big. It’s better to have a controlled image than to spill out and let people make of you what they will. This Prism T-shirt has that balance of presence and control.


How did we do? Did your choice of Prism shirt turn into an inkblot test? If you don’t agree with what you’re seeing down, let us know! These distinct shirts and styles were created to give men the choice that Marco Marco embodies. This is what your Prism T-shirt from Marco Marco says about you.

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