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What Your Underwear Style Says About You

How you talk, what you eat, and what you wear are a reflection of your personality. The type of underwear you choose is no different. You can tell a lot about a person by their undergarments. For fun, we tried to imagine each of our styles having its own, unique personality type. Which are you?

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco


You are a professional by day, party boy by night. You appreciate function and comfort but never want to sacrifice style. You like the variety of understated neutrals but love a bold and bright print when the occasion arises. You are outgoing, spontaneous, but still need a few nights a week to binge watch some Netflix with your favorite people.

Boxer Briefs

You are a homebody who isn’t afraid to get a bit crazy now-and-then. You live an active lifestyle and need the right type of support that hugs all those critical curves. Comfort is your middle name, and you aren’t ashamed. In your friend circle, you are known for the best one-liner jokes and giving the best hugs.


Hey, sporty-spice, you work hard to get those muscles, and you aren’t afraid to show them off. With your exhibitionist nature and affinity for dancing in public, it is no wonder you appreciate the supportive bands that keeps everything in place. You love to sweat, and the moisture wicking fabric is a godsend for your Adonis-like figure. Your favorite past times are guessing people’s horoscope signs and fashionable workout gear.


You are a minimalist who can look flawlessly gorgeous in just about anything. You don’t need more fabric to make a statement. You live a fast-paced life that leaves little room for fabric on your behind. You are a wildflower who appreciates open sides and low-profile backs that magically keep everything in order, while being able to express yourself. You love spontaneous weekend trips and mimosas on a weekday.

 Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco


You are the all-American man who enjoys indulging on occasion. You love to cook, but only if you are entertaining company that you can impress. You can appreciate quality and demand comfort. You likely have at least one dog, and your hobbies include outdoor hikes, making homemade pasta, and quiet Sundays with an afternoon brunch.

Did you find your personality type amongst our fantastic styles? Having trouble picking one? Don’t worry, Marco Marco is here to assist you in choosing the best pair.

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