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Why Briefs are Everyone’s Favorite Underwear

May 04, 2017

Everyone has a pair of their favorite underwear. Nine times out of ten, that favorite pair is a pair of briefs. If yours isn’t, think about your next favorite, and so on. Briefs are all over. They’re the number one most popular style of underwear. These are some of the reasons why.


Briefs are everyone’s favorite underwear because they’re familiar. They’re the kind of underwear that can stick with you from boyhood to manhood. The sheer amount of times you’ve worn briefs before makes you more likely to pick them out when you head to the store.

Another factor that makes briefs a favorite underwear is how reliable they are. Once you know how a size fits you, you have a good idea how every pair of briefs will fit you. They’re not as exotic as some other styles, but they do deliver consistent comfort. When you’re looking for a pair of underwear to get you through the day, every day, that cannot be overemphasized.

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Plenty of support

Briefs are and always will be popular because of their support. Briefs offer the kind of comfort that lets you go all day. From your walk to work to grabbing a drink after dinner, briefs are there for you. There’s no need to adjust, fidget, or wish that you’d brought something a little more comfortable for your long night out. While underwear serves many functions, comfort and support are the most important.

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Fit under any trousers

You can try wearing skinny jeans with boxers, but they’re just not going to fit right. Briefs are brief. They don’t carry a lot of extra material. This allows you to wear any style of trousers without worrying how they’re going to look from behind. Nothing bunches, nothing slides, and nothing bulks out your profile under your clothes. For any man who wants to look his best, fitting under your chosen trousers is important. Men’s fashion may one day return to days of lose trousers that can accommodate any underwear style with ease, but… we kind of hope they don’t. The freedom isn’t worth the sacrifice.

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Not boring anymore

Briefs are reigning supreme as everyone’s favorite underwear because they’re not boring anymore. It used to be that you had to slip on a thong or a jock to get party-ready underwear. These days, briefs come in all color schemes, with details to complete any look. Marco Marco’s lines of briefs focus on infusing party-worthy color into top-tier comfort and support. There’s far more to briefs than “tighty whities” these days. Dive in, and find all-day comfort that can still rock the night life.

Favorite underwear are personal things. They fit you just right, they go with your best outfits, and they keep getting better. Briefs have the best support out there for all-day wear. They’re comfortable, and they’re trim enough to let you rock modern fashion with ease. No bunching material here! Best of all, briefs don’t have to be boring anymore. Check out Marco Marco’s new lines to see the best in brief fashion.

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