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Why Cotton Underwear Is Overrated

Cotton is one of the go-to fabric choices for clothing, but why? When you are an active man, you likely understand why cotton isn’t what it is cracked up to be. Sure, it is soft, but it also holds on to moisture, gets clingy, and refuses to dry quickly. So why are most men putting cotton around the area that can get insanely sweaty throughout the day? Here are Marco Marco’s two cents on cotton.

 Gay Mens Underwear | Marco Marco #MarcoMarco

Why You Don’t Want Moisture

It seems pretty common sense on why you wouldn’t want moisture around your most sensitive parts. Having damp underwear can cause chaffing, rashes, and it just isn’t comfortable. Have you ever tried crushing a workout while your underwear is riding up and clinging in all the wrong spots? Additionally, moist, dark, and warm places are a breeding ground for bacteria that can make for quite a strong smell at the end of the day. Marco Marco’s core collection is made with moisture-wicking antimicrobial heathered jersey. By removing moisture from the equation, you are left dry, undeniably comfortable, and smelling fresh all day.

 Gay Mens Underwear | Marco Marco #MarcoMarco

Dress for What You are Doing

You wouldn’t wear pajama pants to go for a run, so why would you put the equivalent of that around your bum? There is a reason that workout gear is made with rayon, polyester, or viscose. It is built for performance, durability, and movement. No matter if it is a work day or a leg day, it is best to be prepared to move. Ditch the cotton undies and wear a functional pair of fashionable underwear that is both practical and comfortable.


Are you ready to throw away those cotton tighty-whities? The team at Marco Marco is happy to assist you in picking out the perfect pair.



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