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Why the Jockstrap Isn’t Just for the Gym

Gone are the days when the jockstrap is strictly for sports. It is a crying shame that for decades, men were denied the comfort, support, and maneuverability that a jockstrap can provide in your everyday life. Marco Marco has taken the jockstrap out of the gym and made it a choice every man can make for any time of day. We believe that the jockstrap design provides extensive benefits beyond sports. Here are all the positive things a jockstrap offers.


Minimal Fabric Lines for Snug Pants

When you are dressing up for a sexy night out, the last thing you want to deal with is bunching fabric. With form-fitting pants, the full coverage of boxer briefs just won’t do. Jockstraps provide you with maximum support with minimal material. You won’t have to worry about embarrassing public adjustments or tacky lines getting in the way of your look. Our jockstrap is the perfect foundation for any sexy pair of pants.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco 

Made to Move

The jockstrap gained popularity for its ability to let a man move while keeping him completely supported. However, movement doesn’t have to be limited to the gym or field. Whether you are running to your next board meeting or dancing through the night, a jockstrap is the right underwear choice for an active man.


It Looks Damn Sexy

Ok, ignore all the practical applications of a jockstrap and let’s get to the aesthetics. There is nothing sexier than a man wearing underwear that highlights all the best assets. Whether you choose a jock-thong or our traditional jockstrap with thick comfortable leg straps, you will never have looked better. All your best curves are hugged and supported in ultimate comfort and style.

 Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Are you ready to make the jump with a Marco Marco jockstrap? Check out our collection and contact one of our underwear experts.

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