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Why Thongs Actually Rule

Thongs for men are still surprisingly controversial. It seems like you either love them, or you hate them. More accurately, however, it’s either that you love them or you’ve never put one on. Thongs for men are everything you need: comfortable, exciting, and they give you a great silhouette. What’s not to love?

Great silhouette

Modern fashions are not very kind to the rear. Things are tight, and while that’s a blessing when you’re the one doing the admiring, they can be a pain in the rear to follow yourself. Tight clothes leave little room for full underwear. If you want to deal with brief lines, bunching, and the risk of a frumpy rump you can go ahead and stick with traditional underwear. The rest of us will embrace thongs for men when we want to grab a booty-hugging pair of slacks or shorts. 

Thongs don’t have excess fabric. They don’t get in the way under your clothes, or ruin the smooth silhouette of an outfit that showcases your great rear view. You can rock that tailored suit pants or booty short outfit you’ve been dying to try with no embarrassing panty lines.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco


Thongs are exciting. Thongs for women, thongs for men, thongs for anyone: they’re exciting. There’s not a lot of fabric and it’s all pointing right where it counts. It’s no wonder that thongs are a go-to for anyone trying to dial up the heat in their bedroom.

Thongs on men are more than just visually appealing. They’re making a statement, and that statement is “I’m bold.” No one buys a pair of sexy thongs accidentally. It’s not a look that allows you to play it off as an accident. You wanted to get hot tonight, and you came prepared. There’s a lot to love in a guy bold enough to make his intentions plain. Coyness isn’t cute, it’s tiring.

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Everything you actually need

Thongs are everything you need in addition to nothing that you don’t. They don’t have excess fabric, but they can still offer you support where it counts if you’re getting the right ones. A tight but wide waistband is the key to thong comfort. The waistband has to be tight to provide support to the pouch and keep the thong in place. Droopiness is not allowed! On the other hand, the wider the waistband the more area the band covers. A tight, thin waistband will pinch. A tight wide one will grip. That’s the key to being able to wear it all day—are you comfortable enough in it to keep it?

Thongs for men are hot, confident, and very comfortable. Be bold in your underwear choice. Try a thong and see what you’ve been missing. Once you’ve tried it, you’re going to love it.



Photo @Vadellaphoto Model @weslagardeofficial

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