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Why You Should Buy Swimwear from an Underwear Brand

As an underwear brand, we know two things: underwear, and underwear’s less shy cousin, swimwear. While Marco Marco has branched out, stretching ourselves with leggings, hats, and more fantastic fashionable items, swimwear isn’t even outside our wheelhouse. In fact, once you start thinking about it, you’ll wonder why you’d ever buy underwear anywhere else. We know how to build something that supports you, that actually looks great on your body, and really: swimwear is basically public underwear.


We Know Support

Support is essential for everyone, no matter what they’re wearing. This is true if you want to kickflip off the diving board into the deep end. It’s also true if your idea of a day at the pool is just lying on a beach chair under giant sunglasses, drinking a pina colada. Whatever you intend to do, you’ll feel--and look!--a lot better with the right fabric support.

For women, this means a top that can provide some lift to your front, and a bottom that covers but doesn’t hide the junk in the trunk. For men, it’s all about comfort. Whether you’re diving in or climbing out, you want to be sure that your trunks or speedo is going to stay in place!

Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco 

Fashion Forward Thinking 

An underwear brand knows how to be fashion forward even when it’s not an item others will see often. Even if you live at the beach during the summer, eventually it’s going to be November again and your swimsuit is going to get shelved. You have to make the most of the time that you’ve got! An underwear brand knows how much the little touches make the whole. When you have a limit3ed time and limited space to make a big impact, every second counts. That’s what an underwear brand like Marco Marco can do for you!

 Designer Mens Underwear | Marco Marco

Swimwear is Basically Underwear

 When you get right down to it, swimwear is just underwear that we’ve all decided is fine to wear in public. There are some practical differences. It’s made of fabric that better handles the ocean spray or the high dive, for example. The principles are the same. You need it to cover just enough, but not get in the way of anything. It has to preserve the full range of motion and provide support, but it can’t be thick or difficult to wear. You want to be able to go all day if you have to--and going from dawn to dusk is what makes a great vacation! An underwear brand like Marco Marco already knows how to design minimal coverage for maximum results pieces. Everything we make is designed to last all day.

Before you go shopping for that must-wear swimsuit this year, consider the company’s background. Do they know how to make a supportive garment? Do they know how to make the biggest impact with the smallest clothing choices? Last but not least, do they know how to make it last all day long? We do. Shop Marco Marco’s swimwear line and see the difference an underwear brand can make.


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