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Mens thongs have made a huge comeback. Of all designer mens underwear styles, thongs are one of the sexiest, with comfortable fabric crotches, open sides, and low-profile backs. Thongs have become some of our best-selling mens underwear. Check out our frequently changing selection below.
The thong is back with a vengeance! When it comes to men’s thongs, Marco Marco is the leader of the pack. We have perfected the design and implementation of men’s designer thongs, which you will feel the moment you slip a pair of these bad boys on. From soft heathered jersey fabric to metallic mesh, we are confident that you can find a style that matches your personality. Our men’s thong underwear is one of our most popular styles, and it is clear to see why.

How Our Male Thong Design Prevails
If you are on the prowl for the best men’s thongs, you know that comfort is everything. Whether you choose from The Core Collection or decide on a bright and bold print, you won’t be disappointed. Our signature brushed black banding provides exceptional comfort while keeping you dry, fresh, and secure. Never before have you been able to accentuate all the best parts of your body while feeling so free and comfortable. At Marco Marco, we know men. We guarantee that if you don’t find that our male thong underwear to be the best damn thing you have put between your cheeks, contact us and get a refund.

Why Choose Men’s Designer Thong Underwear?
When it comes to men’s thongs, there are a lot of choices on the market. But one is not like the other. If ultimate comfort and quality is a priority in your life, you crave the look and feel for men’s designer thongs. There is just no comparison to the support and style of a pair of carefully crafted designer male thong. Marco Marco takes it a step further. Not only do you get superior quality and comfort, but everything is made right here in Los Angeles, USA. Just one more reason to get super patriotic.

How to Care for Your Men’s Thong Underwear
Keeping clean and fresh is crucial when you are dressed to impress. Your underwear should be no exception. To wash our men’s thongs, throw them in your washing machine with cold water, low setting, with like colors. Don’t use harsh detergents or bleach. Afterward, tumble on low or lay out flat to prevent wrinkles and creases. Re-wear and enjoy as needed. Are you ready to take a pair of our men’s thongs home with you? The team at Marco Marco Underwear is happy to match you with the perfect set to show off your best features. Contact us today for sizing and style questions.